Hi! I'm Milen Kootnikoff—the photographer behind MiKO Photo. 

I am driven to create images that are deeply immersive: ones that take the viewer into an experience and allow them to feel even a fraction of that moment. I believe it is this type of imagery that establishes the connection needed for a viewer to take action. Whether that's to get outside more often, tackle a multi-day hike, start a conversation in their community, or change their daily habits for the better, my images motivate through connection and commonality.

Current City: Victoria/Vancouver

Education: B.A. Geography and Environmental Studies

What I do: Commercial brand photography, science & adventure documentation, and non-profit/NGO campaigns.

Current Personal Projects: A campaign to increase visibility of people with disabilities and barriers to the outdoors in outdoor industry media. For a second project, I am documenting the rise in home climbing walls across the City of Victoria. I'd like to expand this project to other locations, but the pandemic said "maybe later".

Some of the Brands & Organizations I've Helped:

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