A geographer, rock climber and surfer living on Vancouver Island on Canada's we(s)t coast, I am blessed with striking natural backdrops and a four-season climate that inspires my creative journey.

As a working photographer, my mission is to capture the authenticity of forward-thinking, socially-conscious pursuits. I'm inspired by images that welcome people into an experience or lifestyle, and that ultimately showcase compelling stories. From conservation and research to branding campaigns and expeditions, I provide captivating imagery that will motivate and relate with new and long-standing users.

Why MiKO Photo?

In short, the name came from the first two letters in my first and last names. My full name can be a mouthful and so I wanted something easier to remember. 


The long version is that MiKO Photo is a culmination of a life spent growing and learning through outdoor experiences and a university education in Geography and Environmental Studies. The combination of my scientific understanding of environments and lived experiences gives each activity a vividness and depth. Whether its paddling out in cold, heavy surf or desperately clipping the final bolt while rock climbing, I rejoice in feeling small, vulnerable and a part of nature. It's in those moments I'm faced with myself; unable to escape my limitations, expectations, fears, trust and, above all, an understanding of what I value most. Smiling or crying, salty or sweat-soaked, I always return from an adventure a more humble, balanced person. Its from these experiences that I see the world and strive to share with others. 

- Milen Kootnikoff

Brands & Organizations I've Helped:

Aquasphere Swim


BoulderHouse Climbing

Discovery Islands Lodge

Mountain Co-op Equipment (MEC)

Parks Canada

RC Pets

Sea Change Marine Conservation Society

Sitka (now Ecologyst)

Stohlquist WaterWare

Travel Penticton

Werner Paddles

and more...

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